Marin Ship Management

A large fleet of ships cargo vessels as well as all oil/chemical tankers is sailing under full management of Marin Ship Management.

The multi-purpose ships trade predominantly to Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean area, and they carry products such as bulk goods, timber products, steel products, mixed cargo, containers and contract loads. The product and chemicals tankers travel mainly to Northwest Europe. The majority by far of all the ships sail under a Dutch flag.

We like certainty and strong foundations. Marin Ship Management is ISO 14001 and TMSA (Tanker Management and Self Assessment) level three certified, and meets the ISM code (International Safety Management). The organisation considers security and the environment crucial factors for being able to function properly as a business.

Marin Ship Management belongs to the top five in the Netherlands in terms of size. In particular with regard to the tanker segment, it is considered one of the leading shipping enterprises.